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Flexible ERP solutions
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JL-Soft has more than 25 years of experience in business software, and hundreds of solutions deployed to all continents. Our Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are always custom built to fit each customer’s needs. ModulErp product family has two main products: ModulErp desktop ERP solution, and ModulErp Mobility web based solution for managing field operations. Together with MobilErp app for smart devices, we offer complete end-to-end solution with real-time visibility.

Enterprise Resource Planning solution for desktops

Traditional ERP for companies, our ERP has extensive features for sales, purchasing, production, and much more. Combined with the latest technologies in MobilErp app, we can bring heavyweight ERP functions in real-time to your fingertips.

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Enterprise Resource Planning solution for Field Services

Leveraging latest web and mobile technologies, our ModulErp Mobility solution is extremely well received in massive scale operations, such as network build and maintenance. Real-time access to all internal and external operations bring unparalleled visibility and competitive advantage.

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One tool for all your

ModulErp supports all processes in field and traditional operations, allowing consolidated documentation and information exchange between processes. Highly automated processes eliminate waiting times and reduce human errors in many phases. Data changes can also trigger responses in a chain reaction, ensuring fast and correct response in fast changing world.


information across
the board

Access to real-time information can bring game changing advantages in field operations. Dispatchers see changes in the field within seconds, and management can have access to always up-to-date reports, which automatically update when data changes in the system. Field engineers have the information and tools they need to successfully resolve emerging situations right in the field. Only unified solution can bring real-time access to information across the board.

Support and services on time on-site

Our services include software design and development, and selling or renting our solutions. To support our software solutions we offer our clients multiple services also. Training services offer our clients individual assistance in their particular needs. We also offer consulting on how the software and hardware solutions can be utilized most effectively and beneficially for their business. We also offer on-site clinic days and programming so you will get problem solving and support on location.

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With more than 25 years of experience in business software solutions, and deployments to more than 30 countries in all continents, we are confident our solution is the best way to enhance your business. Please contact us for more information, and industry references.

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